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nopCommerce plugin: Ask a Question
Supported versions: 3.9/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3 

This plugin adds a link in the Products' pages, called Ask a Question, or you change it as you like by modifying the cshtml file, so your customers can easily ask you something else they want to know about that particular product, via email, by simply filling the Product's Contact Form.
You don't have to go to nopCommerce Admin area for the quesitons and now, you'll get the link to your email automatically, and all you'll need to do, is to click Reply and answer the question.
Just see the pictures and you'll get the idea ;)
For this plugin, you must configure a valid email account in the nopCommerce Amin area. The email account configure page location is, in Admin area, Configuration > Email Accounts.  The screenshot below is what I'm referring to:
Ask a question plugin description: nopcommerce email account settings
To install the plugin, you just need to navigate to admin area > configuration > local plugins page, click on "Upload plugin or theme" button and then select the plugin zip package. After that, proceed to install the plugin in this page.
After installing the plugin, you can navigate to the configure page,  Configuration > Widgets, then click on the Configure link in the row of the plugin "Ask a Question - Contact Form for Products":
As you see, there are five settings in the plugin configure page:
(a) Contact Email: It's used for receiving customers' emails, in other words, the customers' question will be sent to this email address. It's a mandatory field, without it you will not receive customer's emails.
(b) Email Subject Template: It will be displayed as the subject of an e-mail. The {{ProductName}} will be replaced with a particular product's name. You can custom it as you like or just keep as it is.
(c) Email Template: It's the email content. You may custom it. By default, it looks like this in the email below:
(d) Widget Zone: by this setting, you can decide where the Ask a Question link is displayed on product details page :
The plugin currently has four options as the above screenshot. and it's default to productdetails_overview_bottom. You just need to play around with it to know which one is the best for you.
(e) Custom Store CSS: The plugin allows you to customize the look&feel for the Ask a Question link and contact form.  You write CSS code in this field for each store or you may directly modify the view files in the plugin folder. The view files are located in plugin folder/Views/ContactForm.cshtml and PublicInfo.cshtml.
After configure work is done, ensure that the plugin is "Active".
How it works:  when a customer comes to product details page, he will see a link which is call Ask a question by default. Please see the sceenshot below:
Clicking on this link, It will popup a windows and looks like this:
This pop-up window is a contact form to collect the customer's question and his email. If you have enabled Google reCAPTCHA function in nopCommerce Admin , the reCaptcha area will show up in the contact form. Otherwise, it will not be displayed.
After the customer submit the contact form, an email will be sent to your specified E-mail address. This plugin internally insert a record into the [QuequedEmail] table and leverage the nopCommerce built-in email module to send it. that's why you need configure an email account.
Locale resource strings:
Resource name Resource value in English
NopPro.AskAQuestion.ContactEmail Contact Email
NopPro.AskAQuestion.EmailSubjectTemplate Email Subject Template
NopPro.AskAQuestion.EmailTemplate Email Template
NopPro.AskAQuestion.CustomStoreCSS Custom Store CSS
NopPro.AskAQuestion.WidgetZone Widget Zone
NopPro.AskAQuestion.Message.Success Your question has been successfully sent. We will answer you as soon as possible.
NopPro.AskAQuestion.Message.Error Your question failed to be sent for some reason, please try again later.
NopPro.AskAQuestion.Frontend.AskAQuestionButton Ask a question
NopPro.AskAQuestion.Frontend.YourName Your Name
NopPro.AskAQuestion.Frontend.YourEmail Your Email
NopPro.AskAQuestion.Frontend.YourQuestion Your Question
NopPro.AskAQuestion.Frontend.SubmitQuestionButton Submit
NopPro.AskAQuestion.Frontend.ContactFormTitle Do you have any question about
Extra features:
(a) reCaptcha.
(b) Multi-store.
(c) AntiForgeryToken validation
(d) Basically compatible with Prisma/Emporium/Avenue theme developed by nop-template.
(a) The price($39) doesn't include source code.
(b) You will receive the download link for the plugin in an email once you pay for the order. 
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